Janice Calvi-Ruimerman Esq.

State of Connecticut Judicial Branch

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State of Connecticut Judicial Branch
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sI am the Deputy Director of the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch’s Employee Education and Development Unit. My transition into judicial branch education has been founded in the essential foundational core tools I received from NASJE. I have represented the State of Connecticut as a member of NASJE since 2010, serving on the Curriculum, Mentoring and Conference Committees. I served as the Director of the Northeast Region and currently am a member of the Board of Directors - President Elect. Over the years, I have had the unique opportunity to write a number of articles for the NASJE website, have hosted a webinars and callinars and have presented at multiple NASJE conferences.  
In terms of my background, I earned my B.A. from Hofstra University, my M.A. in Public Administration from Southern Connecticut State University and concurrently, my J.D. from Quinnipiac University School of Law. I am admitted to the State of Connecticut and Federal bars and remain in good standing. In addition to teaching for the Judicial Branch and NASJE, I have also taught as an adjunct faculty professor for Manchester Community College and the University of Hartford. I have worked for the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch since 1999. I first served the public in various court support roles until becoming the Project Manager for the Branch’s e-filing initiative. Through the e-filing initiative, we implemented a Branch-wide change, i.e. we basically created a system in-house and while doing so, we slowly taught longstanding judicial employees a “new way” to do their business, and we changed their culture. Although I have a unique proclivity for organizational development, I found that my passion for education and learning has expanded and is my core. This is what I am here for, I thought. Subsequent to the initial development and implementation of the civil e-filing system, I became the Deputy Director of Judges’ Education. After five years of educational development for the Bench I was appointed to oversee the learning management, curriculum development and implementation for judicial branch employee education. I remain grateful to be doing what I love.

Vision Statement

NASJE has been the foundation for my growth as a judicial educator. My passion for court-driven education, continuous learning and personal development and growth stems from NASJE’s core competencies. I often say “I beg, borrow and learn most from others.” My vision for NASJE is to continuously evolve with the NASJE team. For me, and I hope for all its members, NASJE remains a group of people I choose to surround myself with. They have served to teach, to listen, to mentor, to correct, to push and to pull me. As a mentor and a mentee NASJE provides new and veteran educators tools to continue to hone and develop skills that most people in our respective organizations have not been exposed to. Whether you are a new or experienced judicial educator NASJE provides opportunities for networking, collaboration and sharing in order for you to continue to build the highest quality of judicial education programs in your own state. My hope is that all of us have an opportunity to continue to learn and teach each other.