Topic: Open Court: Who is this guy? 

1.  Open Court: Who is this guy?

Posted 13 days ago

In the very simplest of terms, the National Center for State Court's mission is to help courts solve their problems.

So consider this an attempt to help the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, which very much wants to know who this man (right) is.

They know – or at least think – that he served on the court sometime between 1780 and 1820. They are 99.99-percent sure that he isn't a chief justice, so they assume, given that his portrait is hanging in the courthouse with the other justices, that he must be an associate justice.


Many years of trying to figure out his identity – even a Google photo-matching program was no help -- has led court officials to ask the public for help to ID him.

Chief Justice Ralph Gants said, "… why don't we set loose the public to see if they can put on their Sherlock Holmes' hats and help us track down who this elusive and mysterious justice is?"

There is a reward – sort of. The person who solves the mystery will be invited to the court to stand with Chief Justice Gants as he unveils a plaque bearing the justice's name. They'll also get a tour of the courthouse.

Do you know who it is? Post it here, and we'll make sure Chief Justice Gants finds out.

Mark DiVincenzo
Communications Manager
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